I am Robyn Danielle Woytiuk. A collector of experiences, a lover of change and a tchotchkes enthusiast.

By trade, I am a Content Creator, Social Strategist and Designer. I am known for having an open mind, a keen eye for design and an enthusiastic personality that is frequently described as contagious.

By heart, I am an explorer. Always looking for my next adventure in the mountains, the sky and the sea. I've dipped my toes into over seventy countries reaching as high as the Base Camp of Mount Everest.

My wide-eyed inspiration lies in my experiences, my many stories, and the faces of those I've met. I am always looking for new projects to feed my artistic appetite, so feel free to get in touch.


Robyn’s growth over the 2+ years I worked with her was incredible to watch. As her first step into the agency world, Robyn came to our team with an early talent for the creative aspects of digital content creation; from conception through execution. As her growth progressed, Robyn honed her skills and understanding of the strategic side of campaign development, positioning herself as the go-to expert in her category. Her passion for and dedication to her work earned Robyn a trusted position within her broader team and allowed her to forge incredibly solid relationships with her clients. Robyn’s constant willingness to pitch in and assist her peers played a big role in pushing us collectively forward.

In her initial interview, Robyn told stories of finding random items on the ground and keeping them in a collection… She is an oddball full of layers
— Owen Garscadden, Associate Partner @ East End Project
Robyn was an amazing mentor of mine—we worked very closely together, and I believe that the skills I gained from Robyn are essential for my career. Robyn took me under her wing, and was willing to teach me anything and everything. Her creative expertise, strong technical skills, patience, and resilience played a major role in my professional development, and I am so thankful for that. Anyone is lucky to work alongside Robyn!
— Danielle Horvath, Content Producer @ Spin Master
I worked with Robyn leading up to the opening of my business, and throughout the entire branding process Robyn was extremely helpful in creating a brand that was better than we could have imagined. She would consult and offer advice, while working quickly and diligently in order to create the best possible fit for us.
Thanks Robyn! 10/10
— Jamie Mudrick, Chief Banana Operator @ Bananza
Robyn is a highly motivated, strategic and creative individual that demonstrates passion on every level! She’s been key to bringing our McCain brand voice to life over the last few years on our various social platforms.I can’t praise her enough for her talented work effort and her creative energy in to every detail from planning to execution.
— Lauren Talledo, Digital Marketing Manager @ Moosehead Breweries
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I have had the pleasure of working with Robyn for just over a year on the McCain digital business. She excelled in her role leading social content strategy and production, and was truly a trusted partner among the McCain client. Her ability to
build a collaborative relationship gave her the edge over her peers, making her invaluable to the agency team.

She proved on countless occasions that whatever the challenge she could bring more than one thoughtful solution to to the table, considering all options with creative and production-related insights. Above all it is Robyn’s personality that is her greatest strength. She shares an enthusiasm that simply cannot be ignored - it is contagious. I truly admire this quality and recommend her wholeheartedly.
— Kayleigh Phoon, Business Manager @ Grip
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Robyn is an extremely talented and passionate social strategist with a keen eye for content and design. She is truly a triple threat – developing social strategy that is thoughtful, detailed and consumer-centric, creating amazing content that is on point and goes above creative expectations and she does an incredible job engaging her social communities through social listening. Robyn is one of the most intelligent, diligent and imaginative people I have had the pleasure of working with. She is not only eager to take on new challenges head on, but she also takes immense pride in her work, which is why her level of output is always so spectacular. Being so passionate about digital and social media, she is also a great manager, having recently mentored our social intern throughout the summer.
— Jayme Derkson, Integrated Marketing Manager @ Spin Master